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Thai-Style Roasted Cauli Steaks (guest posting at SLHO)

Thai-Style Roasted Cauli Steaks | the pig & quill #glutenfree #veganHey lads and lasses, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope everyone’s donning their lucky green skivvies.

In honor of this most verdant of holidays, I thought I’d send you over to So…Let’s Hang Out (SLHO), where I’m guest posting about Thai-Style Roasted Cauli Steaks (gluten-free w/ vegan option). See that pretty sauce on top? Totally festive. So maybe it’s Thai, and St. Patrick’s Day is more commonly associated with Irish traditions. But how can you deny that brilliant green, sweet-savory-salty-tart topping of bright herbs, lime juice, savory Thai fish sauce (don’t be scurred!), jalapeenurs and crushed peanuts?

You cannot.

Thai-Style Roasted Cauli Steaks | the pig & quill #glutenfree #vegan

Thai-Style Roasted Cauli Steaks | the pig & quill #glutenfree #vegan

Since St. Patty’s day happens to land on Meatless Monday, this is also kinda green in the whole “your meal isn’t farting away the ozone while it gorges itself on GMO corn” kinda way. (Corned beef die-hards, fear not: I still love you and am, in fact, one of you. But you know. Options…)

I really hope you’ll pop on over to SLHO to check out the recipe and spend some time getting to know one of the most entertaining bloggers ever, Gina. She’s endearingly funny, and you’ll instantly fall in love with her personification of baking ingredients (that hussy Dark Chocolate wears super tight yoga pants — who knew?) and creative use of hoarded bananas. And if you do yourself the favor of following her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, you might even learn a little about the foods that end up in her bra or the plants she aspires not to kill. It’s a fun time.

I’m also excited to announce that this post is a super sneak peak at a new partnership I’ve got going on with the stylish ladies of Q Squared NYC, maker of the completely charming, super-duty melamine serveware that you see styled in this photos. This is good stuff, you guys, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it in the weeks to come. In the meantime, if you like what you see, be sure to shop Q Squared NYC with the discount code PIGANDQUILL to receive 20% off your entire purchase and Free Shipping on all orders over $50 through April 30th. Yay!

Ok, enough about that. Go hunt down that someone you’re crushing on (or married to) and give their tushie a St. Patty’s Day pinch! And don’t forget to check out those tasty Roasted Cauli Steaks. They’re (stolen leprechaun…?) money in the bank.


Thai-Style Roasted Cauli Steaks | the pig & quill #glutenfree #vegan

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