Pig-and-Quill-(8)_webOne of the joys of blogging is the transparency of conversation. That said, if you have have a post-related question or feedback that might benefit or be of interest to other readers, slap that bad boy in the Comments section so everyone can play. Otherwise, I lurve email, so shoot me a note at thepigandquill(at)

Happily accepting:

  • Feedback, questions, requests, rants (see also: Attitude Adjustments)
  • Recipe corrections or suggestions (there are bound to be a few)
  • Freelance opportunities/recipe testing
  • Small-scale catering and personal chef inquiries (local SF Bay Area/Peninsula)
  • Fellow blogger advice!
  • Free shipments of stinky cheese

Look forward to chatting soon!

(P.S. Looking to link to some P&Q content or curious about my policy on working with brands? See my About page for a few more deets. Thanks!)

Photo by Cristin More Photography.

6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello! We were recently in Puerto Vallarta and met your parents at the Marriott! They told us about your blog and I have enjoyed it. Would it be possible to get your father’s email address as we live in SF and would love to meet up with them sometime when they are in the city? Thanks so much, and I will friend you on FB as well.

    Greg and Kevin

    • Hi Greg! I’ve sent you an email with the contact info for John. Glad you were able to run into them in Puerta Vallarta! We’ve got PV on our travel list for sometime in the (hopefully) near future based on John and Rosalinda’s endorsement. Thanks for reading!

  2. Greetings from your distant cousin in Chico. Hello 🙂 I saw your Mom at the Fong Fam. reunion in Sacramento back in November, she said I should check out your awesome blog, which by the way is way rad, we have similar interests and I look forward to visiting your page. Take care, Jennifer

    • Jen! So good to hear from you. I thought I had replied to this comment weeks ago and am only now realizing it was lost in cyber space. Sorry! Shoot me an email – I’d love to connect. 🙂

    • Thanks Morgan! What a sweet comment. I just paid a visit to your little spot and loved looking around! I’ll def be back. 🙂 Happy holidays to you and yours!

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