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15 Tips for How to Eat Healthy on Vacation (and a new Foodie App Edition)

15 Tips for How to Eat Healthy on Vacation | | #healthy #vacation #traveltipsIs half a thinga jicama a balanced meal? What if I add chile salt? Because that’s what’s going down for breakfast this morning, and since I’m too cheap for therapy, I’m turning to you guys to ask if an intervention is in order. Yesterday it was green juice and pork rinds. No, not for breakfast, who do you think I — yes, 100% completely for breakfast. I mean you can totally drink away chicharrones with parsley juice, yeah? That’s what I thought. So we’re cool then. Healthy as a horse. Thanks guys.

Speaking of health (they call me DJ PiggySmooth), I put together a fun little post for Full Circle this week on How to Eat Healthy When You’re on Vacation. I realize how backwards it is that I’m making health recommendations in the same breath as admitting a Mexican root vegetable addiction, but I know you guys will cut me some slack. Featuring a few sneaky moves that my Momma and I employed during last year’s most epic road trip of Southern eats — plus some good old fashioned common sense — there are a total of 15 tips that’ll help keep things (read: your diet, pooping, all that good stuff) reasonably in check when you’re on the road. That snazzster graphic below offers a super quick snapshot, but be sure to visit Full Circle’s Good Food Life blog for the full deets on each tip.

15 Tips for How to Eat Healthy on Vacation | | #healthy #vacation #traveltips

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And we’re off! AKA: #TacosAndTanLines

Hello friends! Just a quick note to tell you little piggies that I’m jetting off to Mexico to join a mariachi band for the next week. Rumor has it they need someone to play that stick fish thing, and if second grade music class is any indication, I’m quite possibly the world’s best stick-fisherer. Who knew? (I knew.)

Ok, that’s not entirely true. But I am headed off for a few days of tacos and tan lines, so it might be a little cricketsy around these parts. A better blogger would have had posts prepared weeks (months?) in advance with this little summer vacay in mind, but that’s just not my game. Flying by the seat of my pants and all that.


If you can’t bear the absence of dated pop culture references and izzle-isms, maybe check out that time Gina interviewed me over on So…Let’s Hang Out. If you’ve already been there, done that, and you’re still here reading along — well, thanks. There was some scary stuff in there, so you’re a rockstar (and-a-half)(and a bag of chips?) in my book.

Speaking of rockstars, I think I hear a stick fish thing calling.
Back in a few!

xo and margs cheersies,

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Roasted Turkey Meatballs w/ Cranberry-Mustard Sauce
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Roasted Turkey Meatballs w/ Cranberry-Mustard Sauce

Posting from the road, as promised — and on a full stomach, no less. Would you believe Ma and I have just had one of the tastiest meals on our Southern road trip at a little vegan diner in Chattanooga’s Northshore neighborhood? Potstickers, collard greens and some of the most delightfully textural breaded and grilled … Continue reading